Child Custody Case: How to Prove that a Parent is Unfit?

The child custody case is something serious to talk about. If parents are not in a good relationship because of some reasons and one of them want to fight for a child custody case, it is important to know that the parent should prove that the other parent is unfit in a child custody case. There are various reasons why a parent, whether it is the husband or the wife ask for a sole custody of the child. Both parents probably have a serious fight.

If one of the parents abuse their child, that is already a sure win to the other parent as long as he or she is able to prove it to the court before or during trial. For example, if one of the parents is drunk or under the influence of drugs, there is a possibility that the child will be harmed or be physically abused. There have been a lot of cases regarding this. It is actually happening all over the world, not only in one country. A great dental clinic has the special offer service to help you. See this site to check special info Your happy and bright smile will be more confident now as you will have the best dental implant.

A parent who is under the influence of drugs is very much unfit to have the child instead of the other parent even if he has a money. This is why the mother of the child who wants to have the sole custody of the child should provide enough evidences that she is more fit to have the custody. Parents should be responsible to their children. If one of the parents neglect the needs of their children especially the father, he can never have the custody.