There are three main categories of the services being offered by the firm. Each of the categories or sections have assigned professionals to deal with the concerns of each client who enters the door of the firm. One f the category is the real estate. There are many people who would want to know if they could acquire a property in the city or to have a contract to execute for properties. Examples of services being offered are switching between mortgages, and auctions whether execution or voluntary.

When you will also issue or surrender or will revise your ground lease, when you need help in splitting rights in apartment, when you need help in the concern of your house when you have a divorce, when you will have a new construction as your project to develop have been approved, when you will buy or sell a real estate that is either classified as commercial or private, when you wish to transfer your asset to your children, the concern in taxes due to turnover and transfer and many other services.

When it comes also to the law of inheritance, there are different services being offered when you will make documents. When you will make your own will and have it legalized or if you will recall your will then you need the help of the attorney. If you are now in the process to plan for an estate then you can also receive help. One of the essential things you should have is the will so that you could settle the inheritance of each of your children and partner.